2020 Guelph Science Olympics Event Descriptions

Below are descriptions of events for the 2020 Guelph Science Olympics. Some events are still under construction so descriptions will be updated when available. Please note that many of the events use the same format as prior years, but update the content. All events have a junior level and a senior level. Capacities within each event and level will vary..





Beat the clock while completing challenging biology lab exercises.


Description to follow.

What weed is this?

A weed science Jeopardy event.

Cool and Weird Biology!

This event will highlight some of the oddities, peculiarities, and unusual biology seen in the natural world – from microscopic to whole organism!

Gryphon Gladiatorial Mathematics

A quiz of a variety of different mathematics problems: Word problems, geometry, sequences, logic, and more! Students use i-clickers and compete on teams over a variety of rounds to answer as many questions correctly as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Statistical Superheroes

Test your statistical and probabilistic intuition in U of G's greatest game show! Students will compete in teams, answering questions from the mundane to the earth-shaking, in the shortest possible time. No statistical experience required.

The Great Spy Race Junior

Use air photos and GPS to explore campus and find out how your surroundings have changed over time.

The Great Solar Pirate Race Senior

Where are the best buildings for rooftop solar panels? Use geographic information systems to model campus rooftop solar suitability, and then race to find the names of the best buildings.

Let’s Talk Science Rube Goldberg Design Challenge - Junior

Can you design the most complicated contraption to do the simplest task?

Let’s Talk Science Forensic Crime Lab - Senior

Collect clues and use science to solve a mystery!

Chemical Conundrums

Junior and Senior chemistry experiments, challenges, and puzzles. Notice to participants in the senior chemistry event: All participants must wear long pants and shoes that fully cover the foot. This is for safety reasons and students who are not properly dressed will not be allowed to compete in this event.

Nanoscience Junior

Description to follow.

Nanoscience Senior

Description to follow.


Solve puzzles using programming logic! Learn to program in a fun way by solving puzzles in a videogame. Lightbot offers an exciting way to learn programming concepts without typing or coding. Gain a practical understanding of basic concepts like instruction sequencing, procedures and loops, just by guiding a robot to light up tiles and solve levels.

How many levels can you beat?

Ring it out

Build a self-supporting structure with our mystery material! This STEM challenge is sure to satisfy your hunger for engineering.

Tower me up

Does your team have what it takes to tower above the rest? This engineering challenge will take things to new heights – just don’t topple over before the time’s up!

Movin to the Groove (junior)

Test the precision of your dynamic motor skills using a motion detector.

Game of Stones (Senior)

Description to follow.

Our cardiovascular system: put your heart rate into it

Description to follow.

Food Sensory Perception

SInvestigate how the olfactory and gustatory systems work together. Use your senses to learn about food perception and how that influences the food experience and product development. Please note this session includes food sampling.

Molecular Art

Creativity is key for this event. Student will utilize various materials to come up with their own system of representing molecules ensuring that they’ve captured the structure and purpose of the molecule through their art.

Arboretum Safari

The Arboretum is home to a great diversity of plants and animals. From native trees to wild birds, use your expert detective skills to discover as many species as you can! Please note that this event is 1 hour and 45 minutes in duration. This event will be held outside in the Arboretum. Please dress for the weather and give yourself time (approximately 20 minutes) to get to the Arboretum and back.

Amazing STEM Race

Students work as a team to successfully decipher clues, solve riddles and test their science knowledge to complete each leg of a campus-wide race. Each team will need a cell phone and be ready to pound the pavement to race to the finish line!

All Things Scavenger Hunt 4 students per team max!)

It's time to test your science skill! On the Science Olympics Day, each team will get a work sheet along with a campus map. Your task is to read carefully all instructions and rules and to complete the hunt within the allotted time. The work sheet will be comprised of tasks and questions related to Science and the University of Guelph. Find the stations, complete the tasks, collect relevant items, submit your work sheet and collections - and we'll grade your work.